It has been long since the release of the much expected windows 8 and here we have the updated version of windows 8, which is windows 8.1. I remember i made a post concerning the operating system months into the release of it. Though lots of persons have pledged their unending excitement in much appreciation to the Microsoft team for putting up some great job out their in the manufacturing of the Os, others feel that the new release is simply the best.

What To Expect From The Windows 8.1 Update

Ever since the introduction of the windows 8 operating system, you can attest to the fact that the graphical user interface of this particular Os has greatly drifted into the lime of improvement right? Yea. Now the windows 8.1 updates has been made out to improve and patch up any bugs discovered that was lacking in the release of the main Operating system.

Why Should I download The Windows 8.1 Operating System?

== Get the latest

== Get the operating system patch up for bug fixes

== Enjoy better interface

== Be a user with style

== It can help enhance your system performance as their are issues that might have been solved to make it better.

Who Is Likely To Get The Windows 8.1 Update?

Every user who has the authentic windows 8 operating system running on the system is likely to get the new software update. Just to give a hint to those still using the shareware, you may not be able to enjoy the patch up or the advanced feature that has been added to the latest release.

Is The Windows 8.1 Update Free For Download

Yes. It is free to users who have the operating system running on their system

Where To Download The Windows 8.1 Update?

You can download the windows 8.1 update at Windows 8.1 Official update download portal