Lot of my friends almost made me feel that the lack of a blackberry phone in ones clone of mobile devices was a big flop. So i had to put in 15% of of my consideration to getting this device, even though the plan was still uncook and i was still on the verge of possessing this gadget, i still felt that my little delay has got me some pay off and has drifted me away from spending for this gadget because of this Blackberry Messenger application which was only synonymous with only blackberry devices.I guess all that have changed ever since the latest news came on board.

Is Blackberry Messenger Now Available For Andriod And Iphones?

Yea. This is no longer a big news that the blackberry mobile messenger which was only synonymous to blackberry devices, thereby creating a unique pin to the users of the phone, has now been made available to users of Andriod and iphones devices.

Does This Mean Blackberry Will Loose Sales?

I really do not know if this will cause a set back to the company or will propel the growth of the company. Couple with the fact that many users of the blackberry device have been attracted to its usage because of its unique pinging and BBM application, the company may suffer the worst fall if other features are not added to it although that is my own thoughts.

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What Are The Features Of The Blackberry Messenger Application?

Just like other social networking application like the whatsapp, liveprofile etc, the blackberry messenger creates an avenue for you to ping (chat), share (allows you to send photos,videos,voice notes and other files to friends), and also enable you personalize your messages while delivering it to friends. The only limitation as per then was that it can only be used from a blackberry device which is given a unique BB pin (Personal Identification Number or bar codes).

How Does Andriod And Iphone Users Benefit From The Blackberry Messenger App?

Andriod and iphone users now have the liberty to download the blackberry application on their mobile phones. Users of these phone now have the liberty to enjoy the BBM application on their devices without having to purchase a Blackberry mobile. This channel will create a top level user experience, because users of iphone and andriod are now entitled to their own Blackberry unique Pin which will in turn grant them the full access to chat, share, and send interesting messages to the rest of their friends.

How To Download The Blackberry Messenger (BBM) For Andriod?

According to one of the report i sourced out from Mashable, a well known blog, samsung electronics have made confirmation that the BBM app will be made available for download on the Google Play Store which will eventually permit samsung galaxy users running Andriod 4.x  use the application.

How To Download The Blackberry Messenger (BBM) on iphone?

For iphone users running iOS 7 you can get the BBM app on the app store from the 22nd September 2013.

For both devices, you can download the  BBM app from the official BBM website.

Now i have no more reasons to buy the Blackberry device because it is  now available for andriod phones.

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