Now for the benefits of those that may be find it difficult to check your NECO result, i have made out time to lay down some easy step by step guide on how you can successfully assess your 2013/2014 June/July Neco SSCE result. Firstly, you are expected to assess the portal with the Pin.

The Pin is written on the scratch card provided for you or purchased by you from the bank and covered in a silver panel. Please do not purchase scratch card if panel has been scratched off.

Now you are sure you have your scratch card ready right? if yes lets move to the next step.

How To Check Your Neco SSCE Result Via

— Log in to the Neco result checking website

—  Select your exam type, do select the month you wrote the exam.

— Next field displays the year of examination. Enter your examination year

— Enter The Pin number on the scratch card on the next blank field. Enter correctly.

— Enter your exam number and click on check your result

Your result should be displaying on the screen if you have followed my procedure. I think the maximum time you can use the card is about 5 or there about. Information regarding that should be written behind the card.


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